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World Class Healthcare Services available in Nashik

At Saru Hospital, we put the patient’s needs first. We strive to ensure that each of our patients feels comfortable throughout their entire scope of treatment, from the initial consultation to post-operative follow-up appointments.

Saru Hospital in Nashik is a well-equipped and well-maintained hospital for all types of General surgeries, Laparoscopic & advanced laparoscopic surgeries. As well as the hospital offers laser surgeries, endoscopies and daycare surgeries.

Perfect Combination of Advanced Technology, Machinery, and Surgical Skills

With the progress of science in the past few years, there have also been astonishing and remarkable changes in the medical field as well. Where surgery seemed complicated a few years ago, it now seems easy.

In the early years, more wounds resulted in larger operations. And larger operations determined better surgeons. But today. that isn’t the case. With the development of science, a person can be cured more easily today. Dr.Sachin Deore has made available various international services in India, and moreover in Nashik.

Dr.Deore has cured thousands of patients in the past 5 years With the perfect combination of advanced technology, machinery, and surgical skills.

What are the options for Modern Surgery?

1) Laparoscopic Surgery or Minimal Access Surgery,

2) Laser Surgery

3) Day Care Surgeries

4) General Surgery

5) Endoscopy


No matter which corner of the world produces new technology, Dr. Sachin Deore has made it available to Nashik in his Hospital. His motto lies in only one thing – no patient from North Maharashtra should be deprived of the services which are available in foreign countries.  


Dr. Deore has made available the following three technologies under one roof –

1) Karl Storz HD. German Technology for Laparoscopy

2) Biolitec Levanardo Dual – 45, German Technology for Laser and

3) Olympus, Japanese Technology for Endoscopy.


Dr. Deore also mentions that since these technologies are the best models of their respective category, we do not lag behind anybody else in the world.


For more details, contact: 8087030000

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Appendix Surgeon in Nashik | appendix cost in nashik Pilonidal Sinus Treatment in Nashik|cholesterol surgeon in nashik

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